We are able to send goods to most parts of the world at economical prices.

Delivery charges to UK and European destinations have been simplified so that you will know in advance how much it will cost.

Most items are held in stock and are sent by courier on a next day service to most UK destinations. Please order before 1.00 PM to ensure goods are dispatched that day. We do endeavour to dispatch all orders on the day of receipt.

Deliveries to European destinations take 3 to 7 days.

Please ask for a quotation for delivery countries not shown below.


Delivery cost.

Delivery is free for orders over the amounts shown below.  

England & Wales mainland


£150 ex VAT

Isle of Wight


£150 ex VAT

Southern Scotland and some AB, PA and PH postcodes


£150 ex VAT

Northern Scotland


£150 ex VAT

Northern Ireland


£150 ex VAT

Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands


£250 ex VAT

Denmark, Italy, Spain


£250 ex VAT

Finland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden


£250 ex VAT

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