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Reactive Resins manufacture a range of wood coatings for marine and other demanding applications. They have all been developed to take harsh treatment and to give long service life.

TIMBERSEAL PS is a low viscosity, solvent free epoxy wood primer which penetrates into timber saturating it before curing. Its primary use is as a primer under other coatings but it can also me used for the restoration of old timber by the resin impregnation technique or in new construction as a pre-treatment for epoxy glued joints.

TIMBERSEAL CV is a clear, solvent free, high build epoxy coating system which contains a high level of special additives which greatly improve its adhesion and water  resistance. It has good UV resistance due to the inclusion of nano particles of titanium and zinc oxides that absorb UV radiation.

SYNACRYL CV is a two part, water based acrylic urethane varnish that is quick drying and cures to a perfectly clear coating that is extremely tough and durable.

SAFEGUARD UC is a tough, flexible epoxy coating for waterproofing and protecting timber, GRP and other substrates above and below water. It is ideal for use on fishing boats and commercial craft that require a tough and durable coating. It will last several times longer than conventional coatings when used on craft that are in continuous use coming alongside quay walls, pontoons etc.