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Please watch this video to see how easy it is to apply Conseal floor coatings


REACTIVE RESINS supply a comprehensive range of durable epoxy and polyurethane floor repair and finishing materials. They are made with the highest quality raw materials and have been developed to provide optimum wear and chemical resistance.

If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us as we have many other products that are not listed here.

Epoxy primer for new ‘green’ concrete. Can be applied to new concrete within hours of it being laid. Aids rapid job completion.

CONSEAL LVP is a pure epoxy primer that has been developed for application to ground or blasted concrete. Due to it’s excellent penetration properties it is also suitable for application to power floated concrete provided that it does not have an excessively thick friable and dusty surface layer.

Abrasion resistant low solvent (5%) epoxy-ceramic coating for industrial floors. It has the highest ceramic content and therefore the best wear resistance of any epoxy floor coating. Easy to apply.

Abrasion resistant solvent free epoxy-ceramic coating for industrial floors. Virtually odourless, can be applied in thicker coats and in poorly ventilated  areas.


Low solvent (5%) mineral filled epoxy coating for industrial floors. Our lower cost option for situations where the highest wear resistance is not required. Made with the same high quality resins as our other floor coatings but it contains mineral fillers.

Epoxy mortar for seamless, easily cleanable floors floors. Made for to survive the toughest treatment. Usually laid 6 - 9 mm thick. Also useful for repairs to concrete steps etc.

Epoxy self levelling compound for seamless, easily cleanable floors. Excellent for repairing damaged concrete floors, steps etc.


A clear, abrasion resistant coating for wooden and for decorative floors. A water based two part polyurethane coating that is easy to apply. Fast drying but with a long pot life.