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We supply a  complete range of osmosis prevention, repair and treatment materials. We can advise you on the most appropriate method for protecting or repairing your craft and if required can recommend contractors or yards to do the work for you.

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SAFEGUARD LVP is a clear, solvent free, low viscosity two component epoxy primer for peeled GRP. It contains additives that promote the displacement of air and bonding of the new coating to the existing resin and reinforcement. SAFEGUARD LVP will penetrate and consolidate resin starved and porous areas of laminate.

SAFEGUARD TC is a low viscosity, two component epoxy tie coat developed for use as a primer for SYNERGY antifouling. It is also ideal for use where subsequent coatings or fillers are to be applied at a later date. SAFEGUARD TC can applied to new, uncured epoxy coatings or to old, abraded coatings and GRP

SAFEGUARD EA is low solvent epoxy waterproofing coating. It is easy to apply and has a long over-coating window so that one coat can be applied per day. Ideal for amateur use.

SAFEGUARD TSF is a totally solvent free waterproofing coating that cures quickly and can be over-coated within a few hours enabling rapid completion of the job.

EASY FAIR SEU is a two component high build epoxy undercoat that is easy to sand to a smooth finish. It is a moderately hard coating that has been developed to fill surface defects in existing coatings such as orange peel, brush marks or roller stipple.

Please refer to our ‘Osmosis Prevention & Repair Guide’ for complete instructions for the use of these products.

OSMOSIS PREVENTION & REPAIR GUIDE Click here for more Technical Information and Safety data HOW MUCH WILL YOU NEED?
Hull prepared for caoting with Safeguard EA